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Since 1999, Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles has provided more than $2 million in scholarships to help high school graduates who have participated in one of our programs achieve their higher educational goals, whether at a four-year university or trade school. Through the amazing generosity and support of our donors, we were able to award over $300,000 in scholarships this cycle to help our Scholars cover the cost of tuition, books, school supplies, rent, transportation, and/or program fees.

Congratulations to our 2021 scholarship recipients! Here is what they had to share about what receiving a scholarship means to them.

“To me, receiving a college scholarship means that I can ease the financial burden that my parents are undertaking. I am so grateful that my hard work throughout high school has afforded me the opportunity to even go to college, and that scholarships such as these have allowed me to pursue the best school for me. I absolutely cannot wait to attend college this fall, and I am so thankful for all of JBBBSLA’s opportunities that have gotten me here- I couldn’t have done it without Roberta, Niña, and everyone else at JBBBSLA who have made this possible!” – Katie, Incoming freshman at Seattle University & Rising Leaders Scholarship recipient

“Receiving this scholarship is a huge help to me and my family. As a first-generation student, I was so stressed about the financial part of this entire process. I worried if I chose the right school, if I was able to afford my first year, and so much more, but through the help of this scholarship and the trust of JBBBSLA and Camp Bob Waldorf, I know that I can overcome all challenges that I come across. This scholarship also means that I can continue doing what I love – learning. A huge thank you to my family, friends, and mentors.” – Rachelle | Incoming freshman at UCLA & Rising Leaders Scholarship recipient

“Being a Little in the Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters Program has taught me wonders and allowed me to grow into the person that I am today. My Big Sisters served as incredible mentors through my young life. Additionally, the College Guidance Program guided me through the search and application process. I am immensely appreciative for these two programs and being granted this scholarship is instrumental in helping me to attend my dream school, UC Berkeley. I am incredibly honored and grateful to have been granted this scholarship to pursue my passion in Environmental Policy. This scholarship has incentivized me to do good and give back to the community. Thank you Niña, Roberta, Carina, Lynn and the scholarship committee.” –  Eliana| Incoming freshman at UC Berkeley & JBBBSLA Scholarship recipient

“Like many other students, this past year has made me question my ability to achieve an undergraduate degree. Financial and social stress took root, which made me question my own skills. When I woke up on April 21, 2021 to JBBBSLA’s phone call, hearing that I received such an esteemed scholarship shocked me to the core. I was in disbelief. What did I do to deserve such a gift? Will I live up to the honor? There are a lot of things I am currently uncertain about, but finishing my degree is not one of them. I will forever be grateful for this scholarship. This scholarship has made all the difference to me and my family. I will be forever grateful for this generosity and will continue to work hard in my studies.” – Sophia | Rising junior at UC San Diego & Plost Scholarship recipient

“I am grateful beyond words for this scholarship. It is a tremendous help in my journey as a lifelong learner. It is my dream to go to university and eventually medical school in the hopes of joining today’s doctors in helping people and saving lives; This allows me to reach that dream. I would also like to thank my parents and family for inspiring me and getting me this far in the first place.” – Nathan, Incoming Freshman at Chapman University & Arnold S. Nelson Scholarship recipient

“This scholarship will help me achieve my dreams of becoming a hardware engineer and help me pursue the career I have always wanted. The college process has been so stressful especially figuring out how to pay for tuition and JBBBSLA has helped relieve this stress by giving me this very generous scholarship. Now I can show my family and friends what I can do and how I can be someone to be proud of.” – Ethan Ranaei | Incoming Freshman at CSUN & Arnold S. Nelson Scholarship recipient

“Receiving this scholarship just adds to the many ways in which Camp Bob Waldorf helped shape who I am as a person. As a transfer student from SMC, I experienced my first year at UCLA through Zoom. Once the administration announced in-person attendance for Fall 2021, I grew anxious about my increased financial responsibilities. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to use this scholarship to live out my senior year on campus and fully immerse myself in the social and intellectual community UCLA has to offer. This opportunity gave me the push I needed in order to graduate early and start my application process for graduate programs and beyond. I look forward to being able to give back to the community that offered me so much support and guidance over the past thirteen years. I am truly grateful for everything. Go Bruins!” – Mia | Incoming Senior at UCLA & Arnold S. Nelson Scholarship recipient

“It isn’t possible for me to express the love and admiration I have towards my single mother. She has always been able to give me everything I’ve ever needed in my life, short of a male role model, which is when JBBBSLA entered my life. I was paired with my Big, Richard, at the age of six. JBBBSLA has been there for me on more than one occasion in my life, first with a Big Brother, and now they’re helping me even more by gifting me with this scholarship to help put me through college. I have been blessed to have such an amazing support system, constantly helping me invest in my future. A very special thank you to everyone who has made an impact on my life, your efforts mean the world to me.” – Raphael | Incoming Sophomore at CSUN & JBBBSLA Scholarship recipient

“I am very thankful for this college scholarship as it allows me to access a great education without worrying as much about the cost. Receiving this award is a huge accomplishment for me, and it’s a symbol of all my hard work in school and the community.” – Anthony, Incoming freshman at Southern New Hampshire University & JBBBSLA Scholarship recipient




To learn more about our Scholarship Programs, visit our website or reach out to the Director of Scholarships and Alumni Programs, Carina Garcia, at cgarcia@jbbbsla.org.

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