Introducing the 2020 Lead Student Ambassadors!

Earlier this month, we welcomed 12 of our college scholarship recipients as Lead Student Ambassadors for JBBBSLA. What initially started as an in-person peer support program for our college scholarship recipients has evolved into a virtual offering that enables JBBBSLA to extend our reach to students at college campuses nationwide. Though the pandemic has forced us to socially distance and has significantly impacted the educational landscape, the Student Ambassador Program fills a growing need to establish stronger peer connections and support for our college students as they navigate this new normal for schooling. Through the Student Ambassador Program, our Lead Ambassadors will spearhead virtual events and workshops to connect current Scholars across JBBBSLA’s scholarship offerings, create a supportive network that fosters continued learning, and build a strong sense of community among Scholars.

While each student brings their own skills, talents, and level of academic, personal, and professional experience to their role, they have one key element in common — before becoming Scholars, each participated in one or more of JBBBSLA’s youth programs as campers, Littles, or College Guidance students. Each Scholar can genuinely speak to the impact JBBBSLA continues to have in their lives and in helping them achieve their full potential. Check out our Lead Student Ambassadors’ profiles to learn more about them!

When asked why they decided to become a Lead Student Ambassador, here is what our Scholars had to share:

“I am a JBBBSLA Lead Student Ambassador because I want to give back to my community. The JBBBSLA community has helped me in more ways than one, from setting me up with my Big when I was nine years old to helping me when I was confused about college. Among my friend group and my sisters, I have been involved in most activities. I do not have it all together, I make mistakes, but I believe my mindset sets me apart. I am not afraid of making mistakes because I take that mistake and learn from it. If I fail, I try not to take it too hard because I know I tried my best, and sometimes during school or jobs you won’t get everything right off the bat. This is exactly why I want to become a JBBBSLA Lead Student Ambassador — I want to help like-minded peers become go-getters and their own advocates.” – Daniela, Junior at CSU Northridge

“I am proud to be a JBBBSLA Lead Student Ambassador because this organization has done so much for me and my family, so I would like to give back where I can. Being a representative is such an honor to me. This is also a great experience that I can use for future activities, whether it be at my university or at a job. I have a voice and it is important that I use it for good. Leadership, when given in the right hands, can stimulate growth for people and give them an exemplary figure they can look up to. Networking and building a strong community with the people in this program are very important to me. This is because we can all work together as a team and share new ideas that may sound foreign to others. I am very passionate about what I do and believe that I have the type of qualities a leader has that JBBBSLA is looking for.” – Jonathan, Freshman at UC Davis

“I have been helping others since I was younger and guiding and supporting others has always made me happy and inspired me. JBBBSLA has always been there for me through school and life struggles and I would love to give back and do that for someone else. If I can make someone’s life easier and happier, that would be amazing.” – Lindsay, Sophomore at San Diego State University

“I have learned a lot during the span of my first year at CSUF. Navigating campus, resources, and adjusting to new grading/point systems can be difficult especially for students this year that may have very limited access to on-campus help. I love giving advice and helping anyone that needs it, thus serving as a JBBBSLA Lead Student Ambassador will be a great opportunity for me to help my fellow scholarship recipients while interacting with my peers. Becoming a Lead Student Ambassador will also provide the ability for me to improve my communication and leadership skills.”— Danica, Junior at Cal State Fullerton

“I was a Student Ambassador last school year and I really enjoyed it. The only other student in my school that was a part of the JBBBSLA community was my brother, but I think there will be more students next semester. I have done a lot of things right and a lot of things wrong in my academic career and I believe I have a lot of wisdom to share.” – Eli, Senior at Yeshiva University

“One of the most important things in life that I have learned is that one must be surrounded by positive people who are willing to help. Having someone who you can trust and ask for help when needed is important in life and in college. This is why I am proud to be a Lead Student Ambassador. I want to be someone who the scholars can look to when in need of support. This is also a great opportunity to learn and grow from.” – Jocelyne, Junior at CSU Dominguez Hills

“Being a JBBBSLA Lead Student Ambassador will allow me to help other scholarship recipients with career options they have available, particularly in healthcare.  I want to help other students learn about the different careers that they could pursue. I want to be a positive role model and support them during their education with any questions they need or if they need someone to talk to. I would like to encourage them to get into different types of clubs and look for research opportunities within their school. This will help them find the right career that they want to do in their life.” – Peter, 3rd Year Grad Student at Philadelphia College of Pharmacy

“I can help people on a bigger scale with this platform. As a Lead Student Ambassador, I want to be an example of what is possible if you are willing to put your mind to it.” – Matthew, Junior at Cal State Fullerton

“I am a JBBBSLA Student Ambassador because I can be a good representative of the JBBBSLA community that I have been a part of for years. I have benefited from the college application workshops and scholarships for over two years and a good way of showing my thanks is through this ambassadorship. As someone who wants to have a career in public speaking and debate, this position allows me to work on those skills and get to know like-minded students who also have great aspirations. The network that the Student Ambassador position provides would also be very helpful, especially over the next year as I enter my second year in college.” – Sophia, Sophomore at UC San Diego

“I would like to have the opportunity to give back and be supportive for people in need.” – Ori, Senior at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago

“I have always maintained a passion for public service, in the course of study I am taking, and the projects and jobs I take on outside of the classroom. The JBBBSLA Foundation has provided me the opportunity to pursue an education beyond what I could have imagined while actively participating in some of the most interesting experiences I have been privy to. I serve as a Lead Student Ambassador to both pay forward the opportunities that JBBBSLA has provided me while also providing a well-informed opinion on the college experience alongside a network of students to collaborate and engage with. While I am thrilled with my college experience, the mistakes I made due to a lack of information and understanding prevented me from having more options to consider. It is primarily with this in mind that I would like to help students going into the college application process as well as those who are currently students find the right path for themselves and know how to achieve the goals they lay out.” – Steven, Senior at University of Virginia

“I have learned to love working with people and being able to be a shoulder to lean on when anything occurs. I am open-minded and am willing to support my fellow peers that have the same mindset as I do. I think this is a great program and it will better my skills in many ways and allow me to expand my connections with people in the future.” – Yessenia, Freshman at Cal State Fullerton

Interested in learning more about JBBBSLA’s Student Ambassador Program? Visit our website or contact Nina Abonal, the College Guidance Program Manager, at

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