JBBBSLA Match Danielle and Aura Named California Big and Little Sister of the Year

JBBBSLA Match Danielle and Aura Named California Big and Little Sister of the Year

Match selected by California Association of Big Brothers Big Sisters to represent the state in the National Bigs and Littles of the Year competition

We are pleased to introduce you to Big Sister Danielle Pullman and Little Sister Aura Leibovici. The two were recently recognized as the California Big Sister and Little Sister of the Year and have been nominated as finalists for the National Bigs and Littles of the Year competition. We are so proud of Danielle and Aura. 

Aura and Danielle at their initial match meeting in 2019

Danielle and Aura have been matched since 2019 when Aura’s mother signed up her daughter to be a Little in the program. She was looking for a supportive role model for her daughter, someone Aura could trust and confide in during a challenging time.

Danielle wanted to make a difference and had seen how much the program helped her young niece. She believed she could make an impact and signed up to be a Big with JBBBSLA.  

Aura presents the Torah at her bat mitzvah in 2022

The JBBBSLA mentoring team knew Danielle and Aura would be a great match. Aura and Danielle are both compassionate and share positive outlooks on life. Aura needed a strong female role model, someone who can model committed, healthy, loving relationships. Danielle has proven to be an exemplary mentor, tapping into her youthful side, whether dancing with Aura in front of a frozen yogurt store, making pottery, or eating ice cream. Highlights of their four years include:

  • Celebrating Aura’s bat mitzvah
  • Making vision boards together
  • Spending quality time together with Danielle’s two dogs
  • Danielle receiving The Big Spotlight Award at the 2022 Big Event annual gala
  • Dancing, dancing, dancing

Danielle Pullman on being Aura’s Big Sister:

I may have started this journey with the mindset of trying to help children, but I unexpectedly came to realize just how much I can learn from them as well. I feel blessed that I have received as much from Aura as I have given.

Throughout our four-year relationship, both Aura and I have changed and grown. She is now a stronger-willed, respectful, outspoken tween. I beam with pride when she’s kind, caring and generous, as those are qualities and traits we have worked hard on strengthening. As for me, I’ve become bold, daring, and even more carefree. Aura and I have a bond that will last a lifetime. She and I appreciate our relationship and value what each other brings to the table. I certainly am confident that my life would never be as fulfilling had it not been for Aura being part of it.

Aura Leibovici on being Danielle’s Little Sister:

Danielle and Aura with their Big and Little Sister of the Year awards

Danielle definitely deserves this nomination for being such an amazing Big Sister to me. I am so lucky to have her. She’s kind, willing to face her fears, and always wanting to help me in any way she can. I was also able to learn a lot from her. She taught me all about the real world. She told me what it’s like to work for a company and I was able to teach her stuff too.

Aura’s mother, Daniella, on Danielle’s Impact on Aura as a Big Sister:

Danielle has been an exceptional role model for Aura to observe. Danielle is thriving in her chosen career path and is in a loving and happy marriage to her husband, Scott. Danielle shows up for her outings with Aura with candidness and an eager willingness to have fun. Whether it’s sharing a new experience, a laugh, or having a valuable heart-to-heart talk, Danielle has made a huge positive impact, not only on Aura’s life, but on all our lives as well.

Mazel tov to Danielle and Aura! Good luck in the national competition and we look forward to following your journey for years to come.

To learn more about JBBBSLA’s Youth Mentorship program, please visit our Youth Mentorship page. We also encourage you to Make a Gift Today so we can continue to provide mentors for youth like Aura in need of an additional positive adult role model like Danielle. 

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