Love and Gratitude: Reflections on a 13-Year Match


One of JBBBSLA’s longest matches between Big Brother Martin and Little Brother Brenner recently closed after 13 years. We have watched with pride as Brenner has grown from a 7-year-old child to a 20-year-old man.

Our longtime Match Support Specialist Lynn Greenwald has supported this match from the beginning and received a special message from Brenner’s aunts following the match closure. We are sharing this heartfelt expression of gratitude as an example of the value of our work at JBBBSLA and the impact our Bigs make on the lives of their Littles. 

Subject: Best Big and Little and More

Hi Martin (and Lynn),

Helene told us you had your JBBBSLA transition meeting. Barbara and I wanted to take this moment to share some memories and milestones that have enriched all of our lives.

Martin, you have given Brenner lifelong guidance and exposure that will never leave him (we hear him quote you often). You have given Brenner unconditional love and consistency for 13 years!

Here are just a few of many teachable moments we have observed and watched Brenner take in:

  • You taught him how to enjoy the bonding experience and techniques of fishing and other fun adventures.
  • You gave him a lifelong love of pure biking (which he recently mentioned that he missed but due to COVID, hasn’t wanted to inadvertently expose the older ride posse members (as a frontline worker) that he respects and cares for.
  • You taught him the pride and meaning of so many Jewish traditions.
  • To show appreciation and respect for us as his family.
  • You have always been there for him and Helene in so many ways including getting him into John Burroughs HS; a lifesaving option and his choice.
  • You have shared the many outings whether a baseball or basketball games as well as the Passover dinners and beach excursions.
  • You also taught him the value of saving and investing.

We hope that over time, as he continues to mature, these lessons will take hold and he will appreciate and understand the impact of your special relationship.

Martin, you have been and always will be a special part of our “family.” So glad our paths have crossed with both Brenner and dear Pearl and Sharon.

We hope this is not an ending but a new beginning.



You too have been a once in a lifetime support for both Brenner and Helene. We know his years with JBBBSLA, Witherbee, and Camp Bob Waldorf will continue to form Brenner’s adulting which we all know is full of unexpected detours.

We look forward to sharing the journeys ahead for us all and we cherish you both.

Take care and stay well xox

With much love and admiration.

Brenner’s given aunts, Leslye and Barbara

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