There are many ways to support Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters and Camp Bob Waldorf.

Corporate Sponsorship

Looking to make a big difference in our community, increase brand awareness, broaden your customer base, and boost company morale? A partnership between your company and Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles, home of Camp Bob Waldorf, will bring together two organizations that believe in community, volunteerism, and the importance of providing children with role models, mentors, and friends.

To be a Corporate Partner contact Brianne Bear email:


Special Event Sponsorship

Opportunities range from $500 to $50,000, giving organizations the opportunity to be part of truly exceptional, well-run events that entertain, offer unique experiences, achieve fundraising goals, and ultimately positively impact the lives of the children and families served by Jewish Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Generous recognition is provided, tiered to the level of support, and can be tailored to suit the needs of your company or organization.

To be a Special Event Sponsor email

Plan For Tomorrow

A planned gift allows a donor to contribute to Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles over a period of years or as part of an estate plan. Properly designed, it can generate a charitable income tax deduction. It can be designated for a specific purpose or provide unrestricted support for JBBBSLA’s mission-directed activities. These gifts are made in the form of trusts, bequests or endowments. There are many ways to create your own legacy. To learn more, please click here or email


Make a Tribute or Memorial Donation

What better way to acknowledge a birthday, anniversary, special event or memorialize and/or honor a loved one than helping a child in need?  All donations will result in a card or email being sent to the person(s) you designate to acknowledge the occasion or memorial.  Please click here and select “In Honor Of/In Memory Of Tribute” to initiate the tribute/memorial process or contact Aly Graiwer at



Donor-Advised Fund

A grant through a Donor-Advised Fund is a wonderful way to make a contribution to our organization. Donors can take an immediate tax deduction against the full amount of cash, stock, or other assets contributed to the charity which operates the Fund. U.S. Government regulations do not permit grants for memberships, sponsorships, tickets, or for the fulfillment of a donor’s, Fund Advisor’s or related party’s pledge. Any grant that provides personal benefit risks significant penalties to the donor and the recipient. As such, Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles cannot accept a grant which results in any benefit to the donor as described above. For questions, please contact Aly Graiwer at

Donate a Car

There are tax advantages to donating your automobile. We make the transaction quick and easy.  Contact CARS (877-422-7244) or go online and fill out their form. For more information, contact Aly Graiwer at

In-Kind Contributions

Make a child’s future brighter by donating gifts-in-kind based on our greatest current need. The following wish list contains things we could use:

  • Tickets to sporting events or child-appropriate activities
  • Movie tickets, gift cards for restaurants, coffee, or other fun locations for children
  • Camp Kit items such as: sunscreen, hairbrushes, and towels (bath and beach)
  • Pillows
  • Backpacks
  • Shoes
  • Art Supplies
  • Sports Equipment
  • New Board Games

If you have any interest in exploring these opportunities please contact Aly Graiwer at

Give a Mitzvah / Do a Mitzvah

Design a mitzvah project for your bar or bat mitzvah that supports children in need.  Encourage your children to create their own unique mitzvah project that connects their interests and hobbies to our vulnerable youth and results in a way to give back to the Jewish community. Contact Aly Graiwer at

For more information on different types of giving and recognition, please email

Life Insurance

Most people purchase life insurance to provide for their children, to protect their home mortgage, or to secure retirement funds. As people age, they often find that they no longer need financial protection in these areas. If that describes you, consider how your life insurance policy could help the children of JBBBSLA and Camp Bob Waldorf in the future.

Securities, Stocks, & Bonds

Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are the most common type of securities in a person’s portfolio. If you are looking to give securities, it’s important to know if they have increased or decreased in value since you purchased them. If your securities have increased in value over time, giving them directly to JBBBSLA will enable you to avoid capital gains taxes while potentially providing a charitable deduction for the fair-market value of your gift. In circumstances where your securities have depreciated, you will be better off selling them and donating the proceeds. This allows you to receive a deduction for your capital loss plus a charitable deduction for the amount given.

Estate Planning

One of the most important aspects of financial stewardship is often one of the most overlooked elements: your will. This legal document ensures that your estate is distributed and your family is cared for as you choose. With a will, your wishes-your will-are carried out. If you die without a will, the state makes all major decisions, including who will be the guardian of your minor children and how the assets of your estate will be distributed. Legally, no charitable gifts can me made from your estate without a will. If you don’t have a will, it’s important to start the process today. It’s easy, and it can pay long-lasting dividends if you choose to give part of your estate to JBBBSLA.

IRA or Retirement Assets

Retirement assets are tax-deferred retirement savings accounts, including profit sharing, IRAs, 401(k), 403(b), Keough and pension plans. You can give retirement assets now or in the future. While there are penalties for early withdrawals from these types of tax deferred accounts, if you give the money to charity, there should be no withdrawal penalty (if you are older than 59 1/2). You would still be liable for income tax on the amount withdrawn. Naming JBBBSLA as a beneficiary of your retirement plan would protect assets and avoid income tax upon your death. Through a gift of IRA, by naming JBBBSLA as beneficiary, you could avoid both income and estate taxation.

Charitable Gift Annuity

Current Fixed Income & Tax Deductions

With a gift annuity, your donation of cash or securities not only supports JBBBSLA, it provides you with regular payments over your lifetime. The size of these fixed payments is based on, among other factors, the size of your gift and your age at the time of the gift. Payments can be deferred, allowing fro a larger charitable deduction and greater annuity benefits. Gift annuities provide substantial tax advantages and flexibility. You receive a tax deduction the year your gift is made, and a portion of annuity payments are nontaxable. Because annuities cannot be legally changed, great care should be taken to endure that you have other means to meet any emergency needs.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Control Income & Tax Advantages

Often referred to as simply a unitrust, a charitable remainder unitrust is a custom designed, individually managed trust. It enables you to retain income for your life (or a fixed number of years), claim a current income tax deduction, and make a future gift to JBBBSLA or other qualified charitable organizations. The unitrust can make payments to you and a spouse or a loved one in several ways. The most common is paying a fixed percentage, but there are other options. The unitrust is an irrevocable agreement. Once you enter a unitrust, the terms cannot be altered. For this reason, make sure you complete proper planning to meet your current and future needs.

Revocable Living Trust

Reduce Estate & Avoid Estate Tax

A Revocable Living Trust provides you with an arrangement for management and distribution of your assets, helping create a financial plan that can provide for your needs and make an eternal impact. These trusts do not replace your will, but they do help determine how your assets will be distributed upon death. Assets in a trust do not go through probate, potentially saving time and money. A Revocable Living Trust provides for investment management while you are living and allows for withdrawals or transfers from the trust. A trust is a legal arrangement, and the trustee is responsible for holding and investing your assets, collecting income, paying normal expenses, and distributing net income. A simple gift or bequest to JBBBSLA can help reduce your estate size to avoid estate tax in the future.

Real Estate

Any type of property you own can be donated to JBBBSLA: house, farm, rental property, business property, land, vacation home, and more. By donating appreciated real estate, you gain a significant tax advantage because you may be able to avoid all capital gains tax. Your charitable contribution deduction is for the appraised value of your property. If the value of your real estate has decreased, you can deduct long-term capital loss by first selling the property and then donating the proceeds. You can also use real estate to set up a Revocable Living Trust Bequest, an Irrevocable Planned Gift, or a Charitable Remainder or Lead Trust, or a Planned Life Estate on your personal residence.

Thank you for choosing Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters as your charity of choice. JBBBSLA uses a Third Party to accept donations of vehicles. Please see below for more information. For questions, please contact Aly Graiwer at (323) 456-1151 or

To begin the process please:

1) Fill out the online donation form here:


2) Call CARS at 877-422-7244

Once you have filled out the online form or called CARS, they will work with you to schedule a free pick-up (usually within 24 hours) and handle all the paperwork.

Full net proceeds less expenses of any item donated will be sent to us via check. Fees are typically the cost of towing ($85.00 on average) and an administrative fee ($300.00 fixed).

Contact at Riteway:

Lauren Marie Deutsch
Director of Marketing and Non-Profit Relations
Riteway Charity Services, Inc
9723 Glenoaks Blvd., Sun Valley, CA 91352
o. 888-250-4490 c. 818-640-7893

Contact at JBBBSLA:

Aly Graiwer